Guangzhou-based artist maf is also an art director and a performing musician under the name 'mafmadmaf'. As a minimalist, he writes atmosphere-based, delicate yet sometimes fierce electronic music for modular synthesizers, exploring the vibrant sonic textures. He focuses on noise, experimentation, and soundscapes, to deliver the concept of time and space not only sonically but visually via computer programming. He has performed at several experimental music events such as the Tokyo Festival of Modular and ModularCommune, also at museums and art spaces.

植根于中国廣州的合成器電子音樂人 mafmadmaf,也是一名美術指導,極簡主義者,擅長書寫以氛圍(Atmosphere)為基調的合成器音樂,細膩或凶猛、充滿生機;專注於噪聲、實驗和聲音景觀,並配合電腦編程,運用聲、光、电等綜合媒體表達時空觀念,但不限於此。近年以模塊合成器為聲音設計核心,並常把它們帶入各種環境中作實時演奏。摩登天空環形山等廠牌發佈作品。參加東京模塊音樂節(TFOM)和北京模塊大會等交流活動,在美術館和藝術空間作多媒體演出。